Experiences of a blind solo traveller

Ever since losing considerable vision due to retinitis pigmentosa one thing I have not done is travel alone. I have always had someone accompany me for any air travel as I am scared to do it frankly. So this year I have resolved to travel solo to Australia from India to visit my friend. I wanted to share my experiences with everyone as a solo blind traveller at all stages of the journey. I have gotten all necessary bookings done and will be travelling in a couple of days. I will be flying from New Delhi to Australia via Singapore. There is a 6 hour halt at Singapore where I change flights. Now about the butterflies that are doing rounds in my belly. As my first solo trip key fears and apprehensions
• How do I get from Airport gate to airline check-in counter? My preparation, I have taken the contact number of duty officer of the airline and am told that they will send someone to assist me.
• What happens at Singapore Airport, how do I get from plane to waiting lounge? My preparation, have asked for assistance from the airline.
• How can I explore the airport as I will be there for approximately 6 hours? Or how do I do some duty free shopping? Well, this is something that I have not been able to figure out, if some of you have any experience please share
• How do I board the connecting flight if the airline assistance doesn’t show up on time? I know this will not happen but musings of a over active mind haha
• After reaching Australia how do I identify my baggage on the conveyer belt? I plan to take pics of my luggage and will show them to the airline person who is assisting me.
• What if customs ask me to open the entire baggage, how do I pack it all again? Again my hyper active mind on overdrive I think
Even with all these apprehensions I am super excited for this trip. I will keep sharing whatever actually happens with me in subsequent posts. Looking forward to your thoughts around solo blind travel.

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